Blue Topaz Jewelry Exporter in Sitapura Industrial Area Jaipur Rajasthan India

 Blue Topaz Jewelry Exporter in Sitapura Industrial Area Jaipur Rajasthan India - Sometimes people like to have a simple jewelry design made with plain metal like brass and silver. But other times, they would like to go for a colorful combination that makes the year collection unique. When it comes to such beautiful colors, there are multiple options available in the market. For example, green might be represented by a wide range of Emerald stones. Also, the blue color will be represented by blue sapphire, onyx, and Blue Topaz gemstone. So anything you choose in blue will have one of these gemstones representing them. Even among them, the Sapphire has more value because of its exclusive shining capacity and richness. They are often combined with other costly gemstones like diamonds and pearls. But if you wish to have authentic blue designs based on fashion jewelry, Topaz and Onyx are the best options.

Blue Topaz Jewelry Exporter in Sitapura Industrial Area Jaipur Rajasthan India

Understanding your love for blue, we have listed some of the best designs you can purchase in blue. From necklaces to rings, multiple designs are best in this color. Understanding the concept of the gemstone will allow you to choose the perfect jewelry item.


Earrings are the best choice of jewelry items for any woman. They are constantly interested in buying the best collection and latest models in earrings. Usually, a woman with at least 50 pairs of earrings by the necklace collections will be 2 or 3. This is because they are cheap and can alternate the entire facial structure. A blue gemstone embedded stud or chandelier design may be a good option for your fashion hunger. There are a variety of designs available, even within the stars and the chandelier designs. The drops will also be suitable, especially with the combination of pearls. The beautiful white color will go well along with the blue making it a unique combination. If you are looking for a bright blue color with a rich look, then go for Sapphire. But for a simple design, the best option is to choose a blue Topaz or any other combination.


When it comes to rings, there are multiple options available in the market. Blue sapphire is mainly considered for engagement rings since they make good designs with diamonds. But if you are looking for fashion or statement designs, then this color Topaz will be a suitable option. For more details, you can visit an excellent Blue Topaz jewelry exporter in the country for unique designs in rings and necklaces for more information. But if you are interested in checking all types of gemstone, go for a standard wholesale gemstone supplier like DWS for a unique collection. The stone size can vary from large to small depending upon the requirement of a person. Having one single large gemstone will go with the current trend of fashion. Similarly, the minute gemstones will never go out of movement since people always loved the size. Choose a ring that will suit your requirement.


Even though necklaces in blue are the most widespread options, are bracelets or also currently trending. All these gemstones are more robust and suitable for beach costumes. Good pair of bracelets combined with a practical jewelry design will make your beach party look like a success. They can also be used for wedding costumes, especially for the reception if you wear a light-colored combination. It can either be a single gemstone for multiple gemstones embedded within the gold or silver formation. Sometimes it can also go for this shade because crystals are more beautiful and provide a simple bracelet design. All these designs are more fashionable and suitable for regular usage. For purchasing a good quality gemstone, the best option is to visit a well-experienced jewelry exporter in the country.

Necklaces and bangles

Along with the above-mentioned, there are also a variety of models available like bangles and necklaces. The bangle is unique and straightforward, while the chains are more modern. They are suitable for the bride, and they can choose any model they need. The statement designs in necklaces can be a perfect choice for your interest in this shade. While these Topaz designs are more polished, the Sapphire provides a Bling to the jewelry. The most suitable for modern designs while the toppers go well with the traditional designs. The necklaces are the best option for completing your Outlook in any costume. The floor with pattern with minute Opal gemstone for the geometrical pattern with minute Sapphire gemstones.

DWS has all types of blue gemstones in the market. Each design is unique, and they are made up of high-quality jewelry with gemstones in this shade. If you are interested in purchasing a perfect set, you can consult with the designers to decide on customization. We are open to suggestions, and anyone interested in purchasing can visit our showroom or mobile application for more details.


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